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The Unsupervised Podcast

Comedy & talk podcast sharing our crazy real life experiences & giving our thoughts on everything from news, trends anything else in the world. Sometimes inappropriate, often funny but always 100% real. Get involved in the conversation, follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @unsupervised03 

Jan 17, 2019



this week we are joined by comedian Zach Khandakji & he shares how he deals with hecklers, pushing through a bad set, topics to avoid, knowing your crowd, how a masturbation joke caused him to take some time off from comedy & that bombing on stage can be a good thing.

plus, two facts and a fib (science edition) trick for selling makeup, Mick vs Jehobas (its spelled like he says it), the lotion dance, Flarp returns, Chrissy's guilty pleasure TV, Death metal + wedding = kicked off stage, shady mini vans, just the right amount of eye contact, robot sex questions & so much more.

in the news, calm down lady its just a hair cut, family guy goes soft, alone time on the roof, cuddle for dollars, McRaccoon, game of thrones, dad stole my phone, don't tell me how to live my life razor company & more

so take a break from the stress and laugh with us