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The Unsupervised Podcast

Comedy & talk podcast sharing our crazy real life experiences & giving our thoughts on everything from news, trends anything else in the world. Sometimes inappropriate, often funny but always 100% real. Get involved in the conversation, follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @unsupervised03 

Oct 25, 2018


we're kinda like the Seinfeld of podcasts

not about anything specific but we'll make you laugh


this week we dive into #Halloween with the best horror movies, best Halloween candy, best costumes, what movie traumatized you as a kid, is a Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie? & we share a couple spooky stories. Chrissy defends her unsupervised trivia championship in a special Spooktacular edition of Micks Shitass Trivia, will the champ lose her title? 

plus, Tokyo death metal show gone wrong, a kid named apple sauce, annoying drivers, covered in cottage cheese, sexy Bradley Cooper, mick hates a pubic service announcement, no sunshine no spice, he's not holding a Twix, going down with the Titanic again & so much more.

and in the news, best way to sell cookies, exotic meat, man-size is gone, decorations for a lush, turning down the halftime show, don't trust the chocolate fountain, banning Disney & more