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The Unsupervised Podcast

Comedy & talk podcast sharing our crazy real life experiences & giving our thoughts on everything from news, trends anything else in the world. Sometimes inappropriate, often funny but always 100% real. Get involved in the conversation, follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @unsupervised03 

May 30, 2019

this week we try to figure out what drives people to do extreme/dumb activities like climb mount Everest & Mick has a way to solve the long lines at the top. plus we try a new segment & we take a stance on some not so important issues.

 but wait there's more, are you tired of dealing with being moist after you shower and dry off? well, Bill has a genius solution for that.

plus something new from the makers of "JRs Brown Caulk", an R Kelly situation, what the hell is heat index, don't go in dry, a quick Spanish word, teaching a teen to drive, don't lend out your hair dryer, there was a peach sighting at the beach & so much more.

in the news, corn attack, amazon mood watch, new coke again, don't creep on Ice-T, Canadian Batman, 80,000 B's & more so take a break from the stress and laugh with us.

ok, we may have to explain the episode title a little more next week.