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The Unsupervised Podcast

Comedy & talk podcast sharing our crazy real life experiences & giving our thoughts on everything from news, trends anything else in the world. Sometimes inappropriate, often funny but always 100% real. Get involved in the conversation, follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @unsupervised03 

Apr 25, 2019

after 2 weeks away Chrissy has returned with a brand new edition of Chrissy's log, a bunch of knowledge, a couple burps and of course to give the guys some hell. 

plus, we learn that Mick is against deodorant, parenting problems from JR, moving out for the first time, embarrassing songs you love, #GameOfThrones review & recap, the saddest Easter dinner ever, fun facts about Armand 3 and more.

are you showering correctly? we go over a recent shower habits survey and find out who is doing things wrong, trivia training, why hate on Nickelback, turn your P into a V, listener notes & Mick blows the ending of the show again.

in the news, bang my wife, bee eyes, I'll beat you with my lizard, no Kraft porn, what not to do after a threesome, not shitass news & more. 

so take a break from the stress and come laugh with us.