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The Unsupervised Podcast

Comedy & talk podcast sharing our crazy real life experiences & giving our thoughts on everything from news, trends anything else in the world. Sometimes inappropriate, often funny but always 100% real. Get involved in the conversation, follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @unsupervised03 

Mar 31, 2023


the whole gang is together this week so take a break and laugh with us.

mick is cracked out of his mind, JR finally got a car, Chrissy is still mean and Bill is a damn slacker, thats why this episode is being posted a day late.


plus, twinkie balls, pizza slice to the face, naked in a tree, top 10 things that are...

Mar 16, 2023

take a break and laugh with the two most unstable people on the podcast.

top metal songs of all time, best/worst cars, a couple random news stories, car sex, return of shitass of the week, is Bill a creep and so much more.

Mar 2, 2023

just two bros sitting around talking about all kinds of things....

going to the fair, playing the danerous game of what if, new underwear, getting candy from a dude in the bathroom, the best part of an office job, Bill is obsessed with Lewis Capaldi, Mick plays some drums for us all, health inspection time and so much...